Ivan Blackstone is an NPC in Nick's Campaign. He is a hill dwarf Battle Master fighter/barbarian who owns and operates a blacksmith business called "Blackstone Blunts & Blades" in Briskridge.

History Edit

The party met with who they initially believed to be Ivan Blackstone, who sent them on a quest to rescue his daughter, Rose Blackstone, from the clutches of a Yuan-ti cult group. Finding no sign of her in the Yuan-ti tunnels, the party returned confronted Ivan, who revealed himself to be a doppelganger, who was soon joined by a few more. After a furious battle, the real Ivan Blackstone, beaten and injured, limped out of the basement and thanked and introduced himself to the party, revealing that he had been imprisoned in his own home.

Appearance Edit

Ivan is an older hill dwarf with ginger hair striped with grey. His face is light and seasoned with old scars.

Traits & Abilities Edit

  • Dwarf: Darkvision, Dwarven Resilience, Dwarven Combat Training, Stonecunning
    • Hill Dwarf: Dwarven Toughness
  • Fighter: Fighting Style: Two-Weapon Fighting, Second Wind, Action Surge
    • Battle Master: Combat Superiority
  • Barbarian: Rage