Dane Trickfoot is a gnome Arcane Trickster rogue and is Nick's player-character for Jake's 3rd Campaign.

History Edit

Backstory Edit

Dane Trickfoot was born in the sketchy desert metropolis of Jed'Haru. He first started work at his father's restaurant, The Cobbler's Chophouse. He learned basic magical trickery and other impish skills from his uncle Jasper, an eccentric old gnome who was known for his amazing yet nonsensical contraptions that combined mechanical parts with magic. The one thing Dane admired most about his uncle was his ambition and extreme stubbornness to succeed in his field of work.

At the age of 25, Dane and his halfling cousin Ander joined a small forgery ring that was spearheaded by his family, initially starting with small tasks of questionable legality that started to rise in clandestineness, leading to Dane and Ander questioning their future in this field of work for a short time. However, finding it thrilling, they opted to continue in the business that eventually led to their involvement in other areas of crime such as scams and burglary.

After a few years of continuing in this business and leading a relatively comfortable life, Dane started becoming interested in the adventures of his ancestor Alvyn Trickfoot, and his naturally curious mind started wondering what could have possibly happened to him and his team. Dane left Jed'Haru to search the world, still finding work for his roguish skills, mainly as a treasure hunter or thief-for-hire.

Before the campaign Edit

Dane is adventuring with a few other people on a mission for something outside the barrier.

Personality Edit

Dane is a cross between neutral and chaotic good. His main motivations are excitement and money, and he is not above doing anything illegal for it, be it scamming, burglary, theft, etc. However, he is far from without morality, and refuses to do anything that would be considered abhorrent. Dane also has an eye for valuable objects (or where valuable objects could be hidden), and can sometimes be distracted by thoughts of how to potentially steal it.

When someone has gained his respect, Dane is loyal to them. He will try to help them if it benefits him, even if it doesn't end in good pay.

Appearance Edit

Dane is a young male forest gnome with brown wavy hair, green eyes, and slightly tanned skin from years out in the desert city of Jed'Haru. He normally wears leather armor, white underclothes, straps with pockets, etc. He is 45 years old (which is relatively young for a gnome), 3' 6", and weighs around 45 lbs.