Briskridge is a village in Nick's Campaign.

Description Edit

Briskridge is a small village located within the southeastern hills and forests of Ja'tovia. It has a bit of a reputation for being the gathering point of questionable characters and goings-on, but is, for the most part, a simple town with simple folk. The town is somewhat split into loose, nameless quadrants by two cobblestone roads: the North Road, which runs north and south, and the Oak Road, which runs east and west. All other "streets" in Briskridge are simply the paths of flattened dirt most commonly used by citizens. Most of the citizens work in farming, construction, or illegal business.

There is an announcement board posting, mostly filled with local news and offerings of various jobs.

Inhabitants Edit

Briskridge is home to mainly humans with some dwarves and halflings mixed in. It has a total population of about 820 permanent citizens. One may see examples of other races, but chances are they are most likely passing through.

Notable locations Edit

  • The Happy Wyvern: A tavern owned and operated by a human named Robin.
  • Blackstone Blunts & Blades: A blacksmith shop owned and operated by a dwarf named Ivan Blackstone.
  • Inn A small inn located not too far from The Happy Wyvern tavern.